Hello (again), I'm Châu

Friends know me as Jenny! I'm a part-time photo ninja, part-time fashionista and full-time puppy mom to Pluto.

Why photography? Well, I've loved art for as long as I can recall. I remember taking photography class just to try a different form of art. The film stuff was too much for me though, but when I picked up a DSLR after University, I haven't put my camera down since.

Over the years, I learned to slow my roll and trust the process. It's also not always about the pose, but the moments in between. It took some time to believe in my own vibe and mission, but we're here!

When I'm not behind the camera, I'm in-front of it creating some fashion/lifestyle contents (when I can).

Based in Toronto, but always up for an adventure!

3 Fun Facts:

  1. My hair color changes often, one day it's pink, the other it's purple.
  2. I sew myself clothes sometimes, just for fun.
  3. Old friends nicknamed me Cooking Mama cause I love feeding them!

Does this make us friends now?